Policies and Procedures

3:30 – 6:00 pm

  • ATTENDANCE:  Daily attendance is imperative for your child to be enrolled in the 21st CCLC.  Students are only allowed 3 absences before they will be dropped from the 21st CCLC Enrichment Program.  If your child is absent from school or your child is picked up for a Dr. Appt, please call and advise the Site Manager prior to 2:30 pm. (386)437-7533 Ext 4125.  The 21st CCLC Program is run from 3:30-6:00 pm Monday- Friday.  Program guidelines state that you NOT pick your child up prior to 5:40.  Students are with assigned Teachers for 1 hour as well as assigned Activity Leaders engaged in group activities until 5:40 pm daily.  Students are offered Homework time and assistance once the mandated activities are completed for the day (usually beginning 5:15/5:25).
  • The BUNNELL 21st CCLC CLOSES at 6:00 pm. Please be on time when picking your child up from the program.  Your child WILL be withdrawn if late pick-up is chronic.
  • IF a student is suspended from school or assigned to in-school discipline room for the day, your child MAY NOT attend 21st CCLC on that day. These days will be counted toward the 3 absences.
  • Arrival to Main Cafeteria for check-in and snack/dinner is mandatory.  ALL students must check in.  If a student is being held with a teacher, please remind student to have teacher call 21st CCLC @ ext 4087 to advise.
  • Teacher-led Project Based Learning (PBL) time is from 3:50 -4:50 daily.  Your child MUST attend these enrichments daily to stay enrolled in the 21st CCLC. The activities directed by Bunnell Elementary teachers include hands on projects in Science, Math, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Health & Nutrition, and Art.
  • Activity Leader directed projects are age-appropriate group activities with small groups of students.  These are disguised learning activities that focus on character education, social skills, math, science and reading.
  • ALL Flagler Public School Discipline Guidelines are followed in the 21st CCLC Program. Bullying, threats and fighting are grounds for termination in the 21st CCLC.   Minor situations, including parental contact are handled by the Site Manager.
  • Accidents/Medical:  At least 1 staff of 21st CCLC is CPR/First Aid Certified.  Incidents requiring emergency medical help, 911 will be called. If your child has any Medical Needs, Allergies, Reactions, PLEASE NOTIFY the Site Mgr ASAP.
  • SIGN-In/Sign-Out Sheets:  You MUST sign your child out daily with a TIME and a FULL SIGNATURE (NOT just initials).  Should you not comply with this, your child may withdrawn.
  • 21st CCLC Parent Nights:  Parents/Guardians are required to attend AT LEAST 2 of these events.  Events and Topics will be posted monthly.
  • UPDATED & CURRENT contact telephone numbers are the responsibility of the parent. Please advise staff of any changes.

FTI / Flagler Public Schools

Grant Manager:  Pam Sarria Site Manager:   Tommie Moten
386-447-4345  ext. 1823 386-437-7533   ext. 4125