Parent Nights 2018.2019

SEPTEMBER  25th  (Bes),    26th  (Wes),    27 (Res)  :  (5:30-6:30)  21st CCLC - Orientation, Meet & Greet, PBL's, Writing Prompts, Community Partnerships,

Objectives & Expectations, Student & Parent Needs, FREE GED & ESOL classes for 21st CCLC Parents

Thursday, OCTOBER  25, 2018:  (4:30-6:30)   Lights on AfterSchool-   Student showcase  (BES, RES, WES)

Tuesday, OCTOBER 23rd:  21st CCLC Advisory Council Meeting:  10:00-11:30 @ FTI

        NOVEMBER       27th (Bes),       28th  (Wes),      29th   (Res)    ~5:30-6:30 :      Ameri's Bank:  Financial Security

DECEMBER     11th (BES),        12th  (WES),         13th  (RES)     5:30-6:30    ~ Flagler Sheriff's Dept: Safety in the home, in your community

JANUARY  29th  (Bes),     30th (Wes),      31st  (Res)    ~  5:30-6:30 :    Make & Take / Math-Science-Lang Arts- Vocab BOARD GAMES for all Grades / Teacher Directed

FEBRUARY  26th (Bes),      27th (Wes) ,     28th (Res)      ~ 5:30 - 6:30:       UF/IFAS  & Florida Hospital:  Eating Healthy & Staying Healthy

APRIL  24th (Bes),     25th (WES),    26th (Res)      ~ 5:30-6:30 :         DJJ / Knowledge is POWER / Surveys- Changes- Summer 2019

JUNE  25th:   5:00-6:00  : Know the Law @ Wadsworth Elementary for all  ( 3) 21st CCLC Programs

21st CCLC also offers FREE GED and ESOL classes through FTI (Flagler Technical Institute)  to parents  of 21st CCLC students.   Classes are offered at numerous locations in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Please call 386-447-4345 for more information